Graduate Institute of International Affairs and Strategic Studies

 Our School claim to promote domestic and international affairs and strategic academic research, train professionals in this field; established on March 23, 1982, grant degrees in International Affairs and Strategic Studies; become the Taiwan first civil higher academic unit and professor of strategic studies. The first director is the general Pee Zong Gan who officially took office on March 1983 and the institute named “Institute of International Affairs and Strategic Studies”.

Thereafter directors are respectively Zhang ShiQi, Kong LingCheng, Lin YuFang and Li ZiYi who continued to enrich teaching and curriculum including domestic long term strategic research pioneer professor Niou XianZhong who has been a long time professor of our institute. Authors and translators, all domestic and foreign classic strategic researchers, gradually spur the internal strategic research.

In 1996, Dr. Wong Ming-hsien become the director of the institute, whose research have value of governmental policies, established the Executive Master Degree to provide defense department and all community workers with possibility to learn International Affairs and Strategic practical conduit.

In 2002 our institute first generation graduated alumni, Dr. Alexender Huang succeeded as director of the institute, one year later he become the vice president of the Mainland Affairs Council; and Dr. Wang GaoCheng to take over the office of institute director in August 2003.

In 2007 our institute has been authorized by the minister of education to establish the doctoral program, believing that the country should foster high level professionals in international affairs and strategic studies; and internally and worldwide well known strategic researchers including prof Rong Yu, Dr. Wei He, ex-president of Mainland Affairs council Dr. Zhang JingYu, ex-director of minister of education Dr. Su ZhiWei to be the professors of the institute. The ex-vice president of National Defense department, Dr Lin ZhongBin become a faculty member.

Dr. Wong, Ming-hsien resume office in August 2009 as director of institute; to improve the resources quality and quantity for the students, besides recruiting foreign students, from year 2011 acceptance of preparatory master students, 2014 established “National Security and Diplomatic Practices” Credits module, moreover promote Tamkang Strategic School to be the pioneer in Taiwan Strait and internationally a famous Institute of International Affairs and Strategic Studies.

From August 2015, Dr. Li ,Da-jung is the institute’s director, to promote proficient knowledge of international news and production talents, and enhance student’s practical experience and knowledge, set up “Tamkang University International Relations and Media Professional studies” module in order to unify learning and practice, improve students’ competitiveness at workplace, and develop future employment guidelines.

Dr. Wong, Ming-Hsien was reappointed as the director of the graduate institute in August 2019. In short, our institute has been established for 37 years, has developed a long history in theory and practice under the leadership of well-known faculty, provided the country with 968 graduates with doctoral, and master degrees; each working in various fields such research, administration, legislation, media and private enterprises, constituting achievement and bringing contribution to domestic’s international affairs and Strategic studies.

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