Our college hosts more than 40 lecturers and is the most comprehensive faculty in Taiwan for international affairs and area studies. Our graduate institutes and department has their own specialty which as well known locally. Moreover, our lecturers and researches was highly valued by local acadmia, think tanks, and the government. Future developments will highlight the importance in research efficiency, strengthening the education and guidance to our students, increase our influence in national security and foreign policy, as well as improving international co-operations with our partners such as Waseda University and Dosisha University from Japan, Bina Nusantara University from Indonesia, Kyungnam University from Republic of Korea, Jawaharlal Nehru Univeristy from India, School of International Studies (Peking Univeristy), Taiwan Research Institute, and Shanghai Institutes for International Studies.

In addition, our college distributes electronic newsletter titled "Tamkang International Review" every week since September 25th, 2016. The articles are written by lecturers from our collge with focus of international politics, economy, society, culture, and issues concerned by the academia. Moreover, Tamkang International Review is in partnership with Yahoo Taiwan and ET Today News Network to provide insights on international issues. This increases the popularity of our college and graduate institutes as well as influence in policies. Furthermore, our college hosts "Tamkang Internatiomal Forum" to address critical international issues on the spot.

The "College of International Affairs Week" hosts every year to exhibit the specialty and results from our researches. Knowledge based and fun activities are organized during this week along with exhibitions of artifacts and food from all over the world. There are also self-made audio visual documentaries and BB gun target pratice aside from static exhibitions. This exhibition attacts students and lecturers who are interested in international affairs and it also act as a platform to enhance the understanding and interest in international and cross-strait affairs among students.

Our college also hosts a major "College of International Affairs Christmas Party" every year, inviting lecturers and students of our college to join the fun. During the whole course of the of the party, the college will be decorated with Christmas themes which is also international. The aim of this activity is allow students and lecturers from our college to get along and improve the friendship between lecturers and students.

Furthermore, our college publishes an English Journal titled "Tamkang Journal of International Affairs". This journal is managed by lecturer from our college and invite articles from external sources to increase the quality of our journal.
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