Current Status

This college was established in 1992, and was rebranded as College of International Affairs in 2018. The College of International Affairs have 5 graduate institutes, 1 master's program, and 1 undergraduate department. The decription and degrees offered by the college are as follow:

Graduate Institute of European Studies: Doctoral (Ph.D.) and Masters (M.A.)

Graduate Institute of Latin America Studies: Masters (M.A.)

Graduate Institute of International Affairs and Strategic Studies: Doctoral (Ph.D.), Masters (M.A.), and Executive Masters

Graduate Institute of Japanese Political and Economy Studies: Masters (M.A.) and Executive Masters

Graduate Institute of China Studies: Masters (M.A.) and Executive Masters

Masters Program in Taiwan and Asia-Pacific Studies: Full English-Taught Masters Program (M.A.)

Department of Diplomacy and International Relations: Full English-Taught Undergraduate Program (B.A.)

The aim of the college is to nurture talents for academic research in area studies (political, social, culture, etc.) and prominent talents in jobs related to international affairs. Moreover, the college also provides courses to undergraduate students in "Global Outlook" under the core-curiculum initiative.

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