Fall 2019 Semester Workshop on Study Strategies

Poster:Kelvin HahPost date:2019-10-14
1) To satisfy the needs of multi-faceted learning, the Office of Student Affairs had organized 4 themes of workshops including: Foreign Language, Organization and Management, Digital Technology, and Studying Strategies. This workshop will be conducted through experience sharing from peers to improve the ability and techniques of self-studying.
2) The workshops conducted for the Fall 2019 Semester will be as follow. Workshops with (*) can be counted into TA studying hours. If there are workshop of the same topic conducted twice, students can choose either one to participate. For workshops conducted in I304, online synchrous participation is opened for students to observe the workshop online.

(A) Foreign Language
1. "Using Malaysian Weather to say 'I Love You'"-Malaysian Culture and Malay Language Learning Techniques
November 1 (Friday), 10:10 to 12.00, I304, http://enroll.tku.edu.tw/course.aspx?cid=20191101MALAYSIA
December 12 (Wednesday), 12:30 to 14:00, I301,  http://enroll.tku.edu.tw/course.aspx?cid=20191211MALAYSIA

2. "Learning German, Hard? Not Hard?"- Learning of German Language and Techniques for B1 Certification
December 13 (Friday), 10:10-12:00, I304, http://enroll.tku.edu.tw/course.aspx?cid=20191213%20German

(B) Organization and Management
1. "I Can also do English Presentation"- Stucture and Techinuqes of English Presentation*
October 23 (Wednesday), 10:10 to 12:00, I301, http://enroll.tku.edu.tw/course.aspx?cid=20191023English

2. "Children of Stars, Twinkle"- How to communicate with Autistic person?*
October 25 (Friday), 10:10-12:00, I304, 

3. "Presenter's League: Advanced War"- Comprehensive presentation design techniques*
October 29 (Wednesday) 14:10-16:00, I304, 

4. "So this is what 'Study' is"- Applicaion techiniques of Study Strategies*
Octoer 30 (Wednesday), 14:10-16:00, I304, 

5. "Maximizing study values, high scores in interviews"- Preparation techniques in preparation for application and interviews of graduate institutes in Taiwan
November 22 (Friday) 10:10-13:00, I304, 

6. Time Management: How to stop wasting time?
November 27 (Wednesday), 13:10 to 15:00, I304, 
December 18 (Wednesday), 13:10 ti 15:00, I304, http://enroll.tku.edu.tw/course.aspx?cid=20191218Time

(C) Digital Technology
1. "Presenting Stories in the Dark"- Techniques in preparing high quality presentation (On-Site Operation)*
November 7 (Thursday), 15:10-17:00, L102, 

2. "It is easy to typeset in Word"- Application Techniques in Dealing with Documents (On-Site Operation)*
November 20 (Wednesday), 14:10-16:00, L110, 
December 19 (Thursday), 15:10-17:00, L102, 

3. "So you can use Google this way"- Basic operation techniqes for cloud applications (On-Site Operation)*
November 28 (Thursday), 15:10-17:00, L102, 

(D) Studying Strategies
1. "Had you became a University Student? Life, Order, Balance"- Planing techinuqes for University Life and Studying
October 23 (Wednesday), 12:30-14:00, I304, 
November 26 (Tuesday), 15:00-17:00, I304 http:??enroll.tku.edu.tw/course.aspx?cid=20191126Colelge

2. "Things outside credits"-Experience sharing in University life planining and studying

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