2019 Fall Semester Second Tier TOEIC Exam on December 7, 2019

Poster:Kelvin HahPost date:2019-10-01
1) TOEIC English Proficiency Test had changed its test format on March 11, 2018. After revisions of test format, the format for certification documents for TOEIC school's examination is also revised. It will be different from open tests organized by TOEIC and it is not necessary to provide certificate application services and certificate notarization services.
2) Regardless of open tests or group tests (conducted by school's institution), it is up to the department to determine whether the results are recognized. Do remember to inquire your department or related institutions to determine whethher it is recognized. The format for certificate of school based examination is as follow: http://www.toeic.com.tw/faq_list.jsp?gid=47&pmid=7302.
3) For more info, please contact Ms. Yao at extension 2002.
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