Hokkaido University 2019 Scholarship

Poster:許雅惠Post date:2018-11-23
1) Registration Qualification: (For students who are interested to study in Hokkaido University starting from October 2019)
I) Current Students or alumni (Students with Japanese nationality, current students of Hokkaido University or students who had received scholarships from Hokkaido University cannot apply)
II) Students who are placed in the first 25% in academic results.
III) For other terms and conditions, please refer to Attachment 1 and 2) Application Brochure
2) Application dateline:
From today until December 4th, 2018 (Tuesday). If there are more than one applicants, there will be interview process after the registration ends.

3) Registration Information:
I) Application form (Attachment 3)
II) Consent form for teacher advisor from Hokkaido University
III) Academic transcript (Whole school year)
IV) Reference letter from current teacher advisor
V) Reference letter from president of university
4) For more information of enquiries, please e-mails Miss Yan at 132518@mail.tku.edu.tw

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